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On a typical weekday morning in a peaceful suburb of Akron, Ohio, the town awakens to discover that Rachel Turner and her son, Evan have been brutally murdered during the night. A short while later, Danny Turner is found in his car at the bottom of a ravine, after having taken his own life. Any explanation as to why a loving father and husband would suddenly commit a series of such heinous crimes has gone to the grave with the accused.The mystery only deepens as the details of the murders emerge, and evidence of premeditation as well as Danny’s hidden past are revealed.

Subsequently, Rachel’s closest friend, Carolyn Bianci, sinks into a deep depression, while her husband, Mitch, copes with his despair by attempting to uncover the facts of the crime. Eventually they encounter Joanna Larson, a fascinating woman who possesses extraordinary spiritual gifts. Through Joanna, the truth about the events that took place the night of the murders are unveiled. The answers Mitch and Carloyn get are beyond their human understanding.

Inspired by true events, The Ravine is a story of faith, forgiveness, and most of all, the restoration of hope—even for the most seemingly unredeemable among us.

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“Loved the ending in this book. If God can forgive, who am I not to? Holding onto what I consider justifiable anger just makes me sick. I must let go. This is a lesson for life.”


“It was definitley not what I expected. I really enjoyed the underlying message. This was a feel good book even though it doesn’t seem like that.”


“I struggle with my Faith, and this is the first book, besides my Bible, where forgiveness will bring peace. Amazing.”


“A testament of true forgiveness and faith that nearly seemed unattainable. I’m sure I will read this again many more times.”


“A gem. I read many books and sometimes I find one I consider a jewel among the pebbles. This was one of those books to me. It strummed the strings of my soul. Thank you Robert Pascuzzi for this book.”

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“Human perspectives, limitations, expectations, the unexpected, the universe is with us always. Allow it to unfold perfectly. We all can see. It’s amazing.”


“This book was highly recommended to me and it did not disappoint. It takes you on a chilling journey of the unthinkable and provokes great thought and understanding. It reminds us the importance of forgiveness despite human understanding. It will ignite interesting discussion and perspectives in small groups or book clubs. It is certainly worth your time while reading, not to mention the time you will continue thinking about it after you put it down. Enjoy!”


“What a wonderful story about radical forgiveness and how to apply that process in my own life! I feel the way to Heaven is through forgiveness and I love examples of how others are finding their way. Pain is my toughest lesson but oh – what a gift. Thank you for the effort you put forth in this dynamic book!”


“Such realistic character development allows us to join each person and walk with them side-by-side through this beautiful journey. Thank you for this awesome reminder of God’s unending mercy and love.”


About the Author

Robert Pascuzzi is an entrepreneur, husband and father from the Midwest whose comfortable existence was shattered due to a horrendous crime that impacted him and his family. In the wake of that tragedy, he was led on a spiritual journey that challenged his core beliefs. Compelled to share what he learned, this book was born.

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